The Magical Content Creator

no more struggling with content writing


Anyone who deals with content creation on a daily basis dreams of a magical tool that will write articles for them. The struggle of constantly generating ideas, collecting materials, finding related information, summarizing content from several different sources is not only frustrating, but it is also both time consuming and costly.

Failed attempts to aid writers

Several solutions aimed at easing the pain of these commonly approached problems have been introduced, though none of them actually provide a complete solution. You may have used one of those spinners out there.frustrating Spinner is the name the industry gave to the kind of tools that help you rephrase sentences. Assume that you have found a great article that you want to use as the basis of your writing; a spinner will help you rephrase sentences from this article so you avoid the likely chance of being accused of plagiarism. If you have used spinners before, you have probably noticed that there are several problems with the process. Firstly, you must have a source article to begin with. Secondly, you will have to rephrase the article sentence by sentence, which makes it quite a frustrating and tedious activity. And thirdly, most spinners do not understand the context of the sentence which greatly affects the article as a whole, often resulting in an incomprehensible piece of writing.

Another alternative for content creation exists in online content markets where you can find a person to write you material on demand. Hundreds of websites with thousands of writers just waiting to write about whatever topic you like. Sounds like a perfect solution, but the reality is far from perfection. An important fact you should acknowledge is that a large percentage of those writers are not native English speakers. That isn’t to say the produced writing will be of less quality…but there’s a good chance it might be. Additionally, you should consider the fact that the content writer you have hired and agreed to pay tens of dollars to is not an expert in the field you wish to write about (simply because no one can be an expert in every possible subject). This means that his knowledge and therefore the content of the article that is being written for you, will come from the Internet. That once again puts you at the risk of plagiarism, without even knowing it. A secondary problem which is not solved by using a paid writer is time. Even the fastest writer will need a few hours to write a decent piece of textual content.

Introducing: A real solution

The obvious and unavoidable issues of these so-called “solutions” to writing content has led to the creation of something quite spectacular. Something that actually works. A magical machine that writes you content upon request. Articles on the topics you want and at the lengths you need in less than one minute. Sounds like a real fairy tale, doesn’t it?

So now the dream has come true. Articoolo’s automated content creation tool will do exactly that. All it requires from you is to type in two to five words relating to the topic of your choice, determine the length of the requested article and voila! Our tool will create the article for you. The result will be 100% unique, proofread and of high quality, as if a human wrote it.

How does it work?

Articoolo’s content creator works like the human brain when asked to write an article. First, it will analyze and understand the context of your topic. imitates a human brainFor instance, if you wantit  to write an article about “The appliance variety of Apple”, the algorithm will understand first that “Apple” in this context is a name of a corporation, not a fruit. Once it has understood the context of your topic, it will find the best resources as a base and then extract sentiment and important keywords. It will then find related content based on the sentiment and main keywords, reconstructing everything to one coherent piece of text. At the end of this process the software will rewrite the article using an NLP engine for multi-level semantic identification and verify the readability of the text.

Once the process is complete, which won’t take more than a minute, you will have a completely unique, high-quality original article!