Tips To Improve Your SEO Activity

tips from the SEO experts

A guide on all you need to know about writing SEO content

The reason for all the hype

Every business, freelance writer, website or blog owner today is greatly concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The reason for this is that by following the necessary actions to optimize their content, they greatly increase their chances of improving their rankings for search engines. In doing so, they improve the likelihood of being seen by readers. Aside from this important factor, writers follow the rules of SEO in order to create an effortless and enjoyable user experience which provides readers with the information they are looking for.

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General points to remember

Improving SEO involves link building and on-page optimization, which results in the website gaining traffic for the website through organic growth. (This process differs from Search Engine Marketing [SEM] which pays to increase traffic to the website). Search engines such as Google rank web pages in order of what they regard to be the most relevant to the user’s search. It is therefore vital for writers to use keywords for their articles in order to be easily found. The more concise and accurate the keywords are, the higher the rank your page will be given by the search engine. The more relevant and engaging your text is, the longer the viewer will want to stay on your website and be inclined to share it. Here is a breakdown of what to consider when writing content for your website:

  1. Content should be natural, not overly formal.
  2. Content should be written using proper grammar and syntax.
  3. Content should be rich.
  4. Content should be structured well, like a story.
  5. Content should have a purpose.
Additional tips

When writing online content with SEO in mind, it is incredibly important to incorporate a nice balance of both visual and textual information, to keep the reader’s attention focused.

  • Use prominent social sharing buttons – make sure they are mobile-friendly.
  • Add “bucket brigades” to slash bounce rate and boost time on page – Words/phrases that keep readers on your page e.g. “Now,” “You might be wondering”, “Here’s the deal” etc.
  • If you publish list posts, try using an odd number – they get 20% more CTR.
  • Use [brackets] for your headlines – they get 20% more CTR.
Rich structure
  • Create rich structure by adding a “Tip” window, “What’s new”, or “Why this product” with a few bullet points.
  • Google loves points, numbers, charts, quotes etc. Anything to break the text down and make it effortless and interesting for readers.
  • Important keywords, conclusions or facts should be bold, underlined or written in a different color