Will journalists lose their job soon?

This is probably the most asked question since Google announced it is funding  a local news writing software in the UK.

We are already used to this question. robot writer

Since we launched our beta about a year ago journalists and writers tend to look at us as their rivals.Professional writers can relax  – it will still take a lot of time before an algorithm can completely replace human writers.

Articoolo is not aiming at replacing writers and journalists (although in Japan they think different). These audiences are actually our potential clients. Our algorithm can help writers do their job quicker and more efficiently.

We’ve made such a long way since we launched our beta a year ago. Our content writing algorithm has improved significantly and we started to provide our solutions to enterprise organizations. Weebly’s 20M users, for example, can already use our add-on to easily create content for their websites and blogs.

So cling to your pencils. algorithms are not going to steal your jobs yet.