“What you created is freaking fantastic”

freaking fantastic


Scott Schneider is a marketing and SEO expert. Check out what he just wrote about us.
“Just signed up for the monthly plan – what you created is freaking fantastic. Articoolo is the best service I’ve come across in a while. I estimate this tool has just saved me up to at least 15 hours every week, and that’s a very conservative estimate. One of the greatest time drains in my SEO company used to be writing articles. The best I could do was outsourcing them, but results varied and always needed proofreading — along with delay times that could last days. Now, I can automate that process entirely to Articoolo — at a lower cost than any outsourcer — and a turnaround time of minutes.  Articoolo truly revolutionizes my process, frees up time, and allows me to get back to what really makes me money.”

Thanks Scott. Comments like yours make us happy!