Weebly Users Can Now Create Content For Their Websites in a Flash

Content creation has always been one of the main challenges for long-tail website owners. Many small and medium business owners, who are self-serve web building platform users, create their websites but leave them un-published due to incomplete or insufficient content development.
Industry experts claim that content completion difficulty is the main obstacle website owners challenge with and responsible for over 40% of postponed or un-published online assets.

Leading web building platform Weebly, offers an innovative solution for this problem: a content creation tool, based on Articoolo’s artificial intelligence technology.
This tool can help site owners create content for their websites quicker, better and much more efficiently. Even users with no writing skills will be able to create comprehensive content, with the help of this algorithm. Users can simply choose a topic and let the algorithm instantly provide relevant content ideas. Each idea will include a title and a brief paragraph which can be tailored for specific purpose and expanded to elaborate with text detail, as desired.