They Let a Robot Write The News And This Is What Happened…

The fear of algorithms taking over jobs has escalated as technology continues to improve. However, at Articoolo, we claim that machines can’t completely replace human writers, at least not yet. algorithms like Articoolo’s can definitely help writers do their job quicker and better but it will still take time before they can replace them.

The following story can clearly demonstrate that: A Los Angeles Times article-writing bot falsely reported a 6.8M earthquake had hit Santa Barbara.
This automatic article-generating algorithms turns email alerts from the US Geological Survey into news stories. The quake in Santa Barbara did occur, but it was back in 1925, and a software glitch changed the year.

Events like these remind us that robot writers are not infallible. When using Articoolo, for instance, you can count on the algorithm to provide a perfect starting point for your writing. Yet, we recommend our users to proofread the articles, correct them if needed and add their own voice.