Overcoming Writer’s Block to Produce Awesome Content

One fine day, you may just be sitting in front of your computer wondering what to start off with.

You know the theme but are unwilling to put down your ideas. Writer’s BlockIt may happen with every writer, when suddenly writing seems a challenge.
The term Writer’s Block was coined by American Psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler in 1947. According to him writer’s block was one form of Psychic masochism’ were in a person considers himself as a victim rather than accepting he is a seeker of defeat.
Famous writers like Ernest Hemingway, Samuel Coleridge, and Virginia Woolf seemed to have suffered because of it.

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Causes of Writer’s Block:
Is it due to lack of inspiration or fear of starting something new?
Let’s take a look at some of the causes.

Anxiety Disorder
Being anxious all the time can make writing a difficult task. You may become a critic of every word you write and may jump to conclusions without taking any action.

Depression may cause slowing down of your normal activities, making it tough to generate new thoughts and ideas.

Lack of Motivation
You may feel demotivated to put your thoughts on paper. If you don’t feel motivated you won’t be able to complete a task at hand.

No Action Plan
If you don’t have a structure or an outline, it would result in disorganization of your thoughts and will lead you to believe you have a mental block.

Overcoming Writer’s Block:


This technique works on the concept of writing anything and everything you have in your mind for a specified duration of time. Just sit down, fix a time frame and jot down the points as they occur to you.
It is one of the best ways to find new ideas and get you moving.

Try to read a book on any topic. From literature to self- help just read on.
The idea here is to expose your mind to new concepts.

Music helps to tame your wandering brain. According to research, the right kind of music can help you lengthen your attention span.
Music is ideal for increasing focus and promoting mental endurance.

Spend time with your loved ones, the people who love you.
This will help to recharge your happiness meter and keep stress at bay, resulting in increased productivity.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks
You can identify the tasks which may not be important or can be delegated to someone else to focus on what you have at hand.

Over to You
You can do this, your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect.
Just write on because you simply love writing!

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this post was written by Lavanya Loomba. Lavanya is a Content Marketer but a little bird told us he also enjoys making cartoons in his spare time.