It’s the volume, stupid

How to run a successful content marketing activity?  How to get more readers to the content you produce? How to make your content viral?
It’s not necessarily about what you publish, it’s about how often you do it.

You don’t have to be Arthur Miller or Stephen King to gain page views. You just have to be consistent and publish a new piece of content every day. It doesn’t have to win you a Nobel prize every other day but it should have some minimal sort of value and make your audience pay attention.

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Obviously, it’s not a simple task. putting out something new every day is difficult, time-consuming and may also be very expensive (if you hire someone else to write for you), but nobody remembers yesterday’s content. You must keep on going and create content for today. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.
In today’s connected world no one is looking back. everyone is in a FOMO mode and if you won’t embrace this sense of urgency you will disappear.

You can’t afford to spend days over days on thinking about a topic, writing it and re-writing it 20 times until you are satisfied with the result. If you are doing that, you will probably never be 100% satisfied so forget about satisfaction. hit the “publish” button.

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