How I wrote 10 articles in 2 hours?

Deepak Adiga is a professional writer from London. He works for a leading content marketing agency, where his main job is writing articles, blog posts and social media content for big brands and companies.

We noticed Deepak is a heavy user of Articoolo. He is using our tool to create over 200 articles every month. So we asked him to review our tool and this is what he wrote us back:

I’ve been using Articoolo for already 6 months now. It is a life-changer for me. It used to take me 3 hours to write articooloan average blog post for a client because I usually have to learn about the topic, look for relevant resources, highlight main concepts, summarize them and rewrite them. Articoolo does most of the work for me. It provides me a great starting point so I only have to proofread and sometimes add my own views or insights.
Yesterday, for example, I wrote 10 articles and content snippets for 3 different clients in less than 2 hours!