Experiment: Will Google Index Content That Was Created By An Algorithm?

Goralewicz is an SEO and content marketing agency specialized in the minor areas that help to rank higher in Google.
this is what they say about themselves:

It doesn’t matter what we do, we always put great emphasis on data driven work, and on optimizing our performance. We invest heavily in training, tools, and most importantly, in people.

One of the tools they love is Articoolo’s content creator.

They wanted to know how much JavaScript Googlebot could read, crawl and index. On their blog, they describe what they did in order to inspect that. in order to run their experiment they needed unique content, so this is what they did:

To make sure there was some unique content we could “feed” Googlebot, I decided to hire artificial intelligence to write the article for us. To do that, we used Articoloo, which generates amazing content written by AI.

So the talented SEO experts of Goralewicz have confirmed – content created by the AI algorithm of Articoloo can help you improve your SEO performance!

improve your SEO performance
improve your SEO performance