Apparently, our bot is a fashionista

The Stylist magazine, published in London, has hired a new writer – our bot.

Our robot is a Fashionista

Apparently, this bot is an expert in many fields so they asked it to write about fashion, feminism and lifestyle. It is also their only journalists who get scored by its editors at the end of each item.

So now you can read our bot’s tips for a perfect work-life balance, get his insights about upcoming spring’s biggest fashion trends or check whether you are a feminist or not.

It’s actually not the first time major publishers are using Articoolo to create content. Japanese tech publisher BITA (Ledge Editorial Department) for example, is using our tool to write articles and reviews for already more than a year. Israeli leading business newspaper, TheMarker, has also tried it out and found it useful. Still, it was nice to see how our algorithm can help publishers write articles about almost any topic, even when it is asked to predict the next spring’s fashion trends…