Algorithms are already writing some of the content you read

How much the evolving landscape of AI impacts content creation?
Industry experts claim that writing algorithms are available and are in use by major platforms. And, they are creating well-written articles.

How much AI is already implemented behind the scenes for content creation? And how expensive this technology is?

There are a few players providing automated content creation tools for leading publications and a bunch of other tools for bloggers and marketers who create content at scale.

One of the biggest players in the AI industry, Narrative Science, can generate news stories and industry reports without human intervention. It’s limited to news reports and data-backed content, but it can generate that type of content at scale.
Will bloggers, SEO writers and content marketing experts use Narrative Science’s solutions? probably not. for first, it can only create content based on structured data (such as financial reports or sports results), and second, well, it cost a fortune to use.

The Washington Post developed an in-house automated storytelling tool called Heliograf. It is already being used to write news reports by a few publications, but the cost, OMG the cost! It starts at $10,000 a month and can increase to over $150,000 a month.

Small and medium businesses and freelance experts dealing with content creation are probably looking for a more affordable and flexible solution. Some of them, already tired of the non-effective spinners, are already using AI-based content creation tools such as Articoolo.

Anyway, one thing is certain, algorithms are already writing a significant part of the content on the web.