3 Tips For Writing Viral Great Content

tips for writing
tips for writing

Daniyal Abbas is an internationally recognized SEO expert and he has some pretty good tips for writing content that will be shared like wildfire.

so here they are:

  1. Always write for the first person. Write “You” whenever you mention your reader because you want to establish rapport with your readers and you want them to feel that you are writing for them.
  1. Always remember the #1 rule of marketing:
    People don’t care about what you are selling, they only care about themselves!
    This applies to content creation as well, people don’t care about what you write. They only care about how it applies to them and how you can help them, so always write keeping in mind the demands and pains of your readers.
  1. Always check your writing for spelling, grammatical and other mistakes because it appears unprofessional and immature if the readers find spelling mistakes in your content.