Articoolo for
Agencies & SEO Consultants
We know how difficult and time consuming content writing can be, so we developed an algorithm that can write unique articles in a flash, simulating human writer.
Our content creation solutions suit any SEO professional, whether you are working with just a few clients or an entire portfolio. It will allow you to write and rewrite articles faster than ever.
"This is how I wrote
10 articles in 2 hours"
Deepak Adiga, SEO agency, London: "Articoolo is a life-changer for me. It used to take me 3 hours to write an average blog post for a client. Today, Articoolo does most of the work for me. Yesterday, for example, I wrote 10 articles for 3 different clients in 2 hours!"
"That Was Created
By An Algorithm?"
Goralewicz, SEO agency from Santa Monica, wanted to know how much JavaScript Googlebot could read, crawl and index. "To make sure there was some unique content we could "feed" Googlebot we used Articoloo, which generates amazing content written by AI."
"This tool will give
you unique content"
INC columnist, Suzanne Lucas: "Running the same keywords through twice gave me two different jumping off points and some things to think about. For $0.99 per article, it’s not a bad deal if you’re willing to do some editing and your focus is on getting content available for search engines."
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